Keep clients motivated,
even between sessions

Our smart AI assistant will check in with your clients, monitor progress and helps you stay connected.

For your clients

Coach Hero takes care of daily nudges, checkins, questions and content for your users. Our AI Assistant is available to all your clients without increasing your workload. Coach Hero handles the day-to-day engagement on Whatsapp (in any language!), allowing you to focus on what you do best—coaching.

For Coaches

Configure your own chatbot to your coaching program with custom behavior and content: works for group coaching and invidual coaching. Your clients register themselves to your program and Coach Hero takes care of the rest. You get all insights in your own dashboard.

Your expertise, amplified

With Coach Hero you offer your clients the highest level of personal involvement - you know how your clients are doing and they experience the support that no othere coach offers them. And that without you having to spend any time on it

Scale your

Expand your client base without increasing your workload. We handle the day-to-day engagement, allowing you to focus on what you do best—coaching.

Gain Valuable

Leverage AI-powered analytics to understand your clients' progress and challenges better, enabling you to tailor your coaching for maximum impact.

Improve client engagement

Engage your clients more effectively between sessions with personalized, AI-driven interactions that keep them motivated and focused on their goals.

Start today to give your clients a better tomorrow

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